As an entrepreneur trying to get your startup off the ground you could work from home…


you could rent a small office…

If renting an office, the likelihood is that you’ll have to go through a commercial real estate agent.

Next steps are:

  1. Signing a lease
  2. Buying furniture
  3. Hiring someone to do your I.T.

But wait…

that’s just the upfront cost!

You may have to pay extra for things like insurance, cleaning, pantry supplies and possibly even utilities.

Many startups needlessly spend thousands of dollars when they could have easily launched from a coworking space like the ones we offer at KORE.

At KORE co-working, we like to say that “just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a KORE co-working space to raise your startup.

Remember… we are right off Arapahoe Road and I-25.

Once you walk into our spaces in Greenwood Village, you will immediately see our appeal.

The first thing you’ll do is have your morning cup of coffee or tea (whichever you prefer) from our high end coffee machine.

You may serendipitously bump into the marketing agency you need to connect with to help you put the marketing plan together.

Or… you may meet the graphic designer through a KORE co-working referral that will help you make the brand statement you need.

Oh, let’s not forget the web developer who is sitting right next to you and what she can do to help you establish the perfect online presence.

This is what life can be like when you become a KORE co-working family member.

Our amenities are generous and include 24/7 access to our new gym facility.