As many startups and small businesses will tell you, setting up your business using a virtual office is one of these “no-brainer” decision that has major upsides. For starters, it eliminates any worries of having to use your home address as your place of business.

As a provider of virtual office solutions in Greenwood Village, Colorado, we often hear from business owners the many reasons why a virtual office is key to their success. So we thought, we put together a list of the top 4 reasons we most often hear and here they are:

1.Keeps your home address private. Starting a business from home is by far the most common practice for a new start up and small business. Whether online or in person, most new business owners register their home address as the principal office address for their new business. They include this address information on their websites, business cards, and other marketing assets.

As several of our KORE co-working virtual office family members have told us, you basically give your customers permission to visit you at home.

Whereas for less than your daily cup of coffee at your local Starbucks, you can enjoy the benefits of using an address of a prestigious business location. You can put your prestigious KORE co-working office address in documents at the Colorado Secretary of State, your business website’s contact information, and all of your other marketing assets.

2. A Professional staff. As many of our KORE co-working members have stated over and over again, our staff makes the difference. So with KORE, you get the benefits of a professional receptionist to handle your phone calls during normal business hours. We also provide mail service so your parcels are safe.

3. A Professional address. This reason is closely related to the “Keeping your home address private” as listed in reason #1 above. But let’s expand a bit on that.

First and foremost, a physical address (like our KORE co-working at 9250 E. Costilla Ave, Greenwood, Co 80015) gives your business instant credibility. This is especially true for customer looking for you online on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Secondly, if you want people to find your business on Google, you have to look at using Google My Business. Don’t know what that is? 

Well, it’s that section of a search results page that appears after you enter a business name. It shows you the business name, pictures of the business, address and phone information, reviews, etc..

Here’s what Google shows (as of the writing of this post) when you do a search for KORE co-working

4. Conference Room. Our virtual office membership includes 2 hours per month of conference room use. You and your customer have access to complimentary coffee, water, and tea.

So no more meeting at your home or at the nearest coffee shop. Come in for a visit and let us show you why KORE co-working can be your business home address.

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