Let us take care of you, your people, and your office needs so that you can focus on THRIVING and GROWING your business.

Our Community Managers are here to help you every step of your journey.

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KORE co-working Amenities Include...

  • Furnished Suites
  • Conference and Meeting Rooms
  • Wi-Fi & High Speed Enterprise Class Fiber Internet
  • 24/7 Access
  • Free Parking
  • Receptionist Services
  • Kitchen & Common Areas
  • Unlimited Coffee & Tea
  • Copier/Scanner/Printer
  • Mail Service
  • Polycom VOIP Phone & Answering Services
  • Call Forwarding to Cell or Email
  • Dry Cleaning (pick-up & drop-off)
  • Nightly Janitorial Cleaning
  • Walk to Shopping and Restaurants
  • Bike Storage and Fix-it Station
  • Complimentary daily bicycle use
  • Fitness Center Coming Soon!

Your Membership Options

Private Office

  • Furnished with task chair, guest chair, desk, mobile ped
  • Office with locked door
  • Hard wired internet connection
  • 10 hours of conference room per month

Starting at $700 $600/Month

Dedicated Desk

  • Dedicated desk space for sole user
  • Lockable storage/filing ped
  • Task chair
  • 10 hours of conference room per month

Starting at $400 $300/Month


  • Access to all open space seating on a first come, first serve basis
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • 5 hours of conference room per month

Starting at $299 $199/Month

Virtual Office Membership

  • Business address
  • Mail collection service
  • Optional phone answering services ($50 extra per month)
  • 2 hours of conference room per month

Starting at $200 $99/Month


KORE is an acronym that stands for Kingdom Oriented Real Estate. We aspire to uphold a business culture that practices biblical principles as is in the Kingdom of God.


We pursue and demand excellence in our work and in our individual roles. (Proverbs 14:23, Colossians 3:23)


We expect everyone to do what is right and honest. We cannot hide from God and we act with integrity even in secret. (Proverbs 10:9)


No one is more important than another. The one who cleans the building is just as important to God as the one who owns the building. (James 2:1)


Life is short and we cannot take any money or influence with us, so we use it and give it to impact and bless others. We do not own, we only steward. (Luke 12:33-34)


We love and bless others, even those that we occasionally need to correct or hold accountable, to “love your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27)

Your Community Managers

Susy Maus

Community Manager

“I love being with our KORE tenants, getting to know them, and sharing our lives. I don’t consider them just tenants, I consider them friends. 

This is what being a KORE Community Manager means to me, having a place to go every day, where I love to be, interacting with great people that I care about and who care about me.”

Ginger Freeman

Community Manager

“It has been very exciting to see many private business owners start small and then to watch their businesses successfully expand and achieve strong growth.

It is truly a pleasure to interact with tenants and cater to their individual needs on a daily basis.  I enjoy providing support and services to each tenant.”

Margie Johnson

Community Manager

I am a huge dog lover and I have gotten to know many tenants relatively quickly because of our connection with dogs. I now am able to take care of one of our tenant’s service dog when ever they go out of town or on vacation.

I enjoy interacting with all the different tenants and co-workers on a daily basis because all of them are different and unique in their own way. Some have kids the same age as my son; some love their animals as much as I do; some like food and wine as much as I do and many have helped me learn things that have made me grow as a person.”

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